Etisalat Smart/Chatpak Tweak are still blazing well with OpenVPN Connect, once you have the genuine Username and Password with good Server and Etisalat smart/chatpak also working fine with simple server click here


Recommended Etisalat Plan
200∗3∗3∗1∗2∗1# valid for 7days and its cost N150 (Average speed, but good for browsing)
200∗3∗3∗2∗2∗1# valid for 7days and its cost N300 (High speed. Good for downloading and streaming)
200∗3∗3∗1∗2∗1# valid for 1month and its cost N500 (Average speed, but good for browsing)
Note: If you are on a particular plan before. Deactivate it, before you dial any of the above codes by dial 343∗5∗0#

Now the OpenVPN Connect Configurations
1. Download OpenVPN Connect here or through Google store or playstore
=> Note that there is different between OpenVPN for Android and OpenVPN Connect. I repeat, download OpenVPN Connect
2. Also Download this one and only current working OpenVPN Profile Settings here to your memory card.
3. Open your OpenVPN Connect, click on Options or Menu, you will see Import, click on Import, then Import Profile from SD card
4. Locate the OpenServerUpload that you downloaded and Select it

OpenVPN Connection Details
This is the latest working username and password
Username: vpnbook
Password: hehECh4R

After you input the username and password, click on Save, then tap Connect.
When it connected, just minimize and start your surfing.


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Taufiq Kay Ibrahim

Is the data unlimited, can it be shared on Wi-Fi?


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