Many post has been released by me on powervu encryption channels on both dedicated powervu decoder unlike some decoder like qsat (Q26g and Q28g) by which users cannot manipulate the powervu key on their decoder except through software released by qsat manufacturer once the key is changed by the service provider qsat users have to wait till the manufacturer releases another software which solve the powervu scramble channels you can read more here about powervu on Q26g and Q28g but in the case of strong decoder such as STR 4922, 4922A, 4950M and 4950H are different from that of Qsat by which strong decoder users can manipulate to have access to the powervu channels once the key changed by the service provider users can add the key manually and you can also read more about strong decoder here and hereOPENBOX Z5 MINI is dedicated powervu/softcam key AUTO-UPDATED DECODER which can update key by itself through internet without adding manually, openbox z5 mini has excellent quality picture with inbuilt wifi you can learn and read more about openbox z5 mini here.
      Also Aone decoder is another dedicated powervu decoder manufacture by openbox company which can also update key via Internet and you can also learn and read more about aone decoder here and you can get another dedicated decoder which aren’t from openbox company like STR 4992HD, STR 4998HD, STR GS5HD AND GS6HD read this.


      Lastly, Alphabox X4 is the latest decoder now which was released last month (November) by openbox manufacturer company the Alphabox X4 is slightly or little difference between openbox z5 mini but yet they are using the same server for updating the key on their boxes and the screen interface is totally different but the system settings are the same and another things which you need to know about Alphabox X4 is that it doesn’t support inbuilt wifi and LAN port compare to openbox z5 mini and Aone decoder but all of them have 3G or support modem and it is very cheap than openbox z5 mini and Aone and finally technical support always available at anytime and mind you the company will be releasing software to fix some bugs problem which may restore and add some functions or features to the decoder all what you need is to keep visiting this site at least once in a day.

Support Wifi Dongle and 3G Dongle
IKS Receiver
RF Input Connector: F-Female
Input Frequency Range 950MHz ~ 2150MHz
Input Level-25dBm ~-65dBm
Demodulation QPSK, 8PSK
Flow of MPEG-2 transport ISO / IEC 13818 Specification Transport Stream
Profile Level MPEG SD MPEG2, MPEG2 SD, HD H-264/AVC, H264/AVC HD
LNB Power & Polarization Vertical 13.5V, Horizontal 18V, Current: 500mA Maximum. Multi Satellite receiving 22K switcher, DiSEqC 1.0,, 1.1 DiSEqC1.2, USAL
Output A / V ports, CVBS with RCA, HDMI (HDCP), Left / Right saidade analog audio (RCA), digital audio output ( coax)
Auto Aspect Ratio box 16: 9 Pillar, 4: 3 Pan & Scan, 4: 3 Letter Box
Decoding MPEG1 Audio Layer I, MPEG1 Layer II, Layer III MPEG1, MPEG2, AC3, AAC, OGG
Audio Mode Stereo / Mono / Left / Right
Support DVR DVR with USB hard disk, Time Shift USB HDD
USB 2.0 Hi-Speed USB 2.0 Host 1 Port, USB Media Player to play media in USB flash disk or hard drive or USB Card Reader with Memory Card
File System FAT12, FAT16, FAT32,
Means of BPM Support JPG, MP3, WMA, AAC, OGG

I will implore you to keep your eyes open before buying any decoder from any dealer except me because I never sell any fake items or goods to any clients of mine and buy through who can render you assistance anytime you need it and for more information, assistance and to buy any of the above mentioned decoder contact me on or WhatsApp :- +2348036143281 or contact me via Skype:- @ayokunmi8



  1. I want to be one of the best installer in my community
    and I cannot achieve that by myself all alone
    I need your help and honest assistance


    1. @ekong, Anyway as far as installation of satellites dish is concern you will still needs to learn it deeply than waiting for the tips here because sometimes I give tips to guide you to do some specific tasks and at the same time there are situations which I expect you to do without requesting assistance from anybody which I expect installer to know and if I realise that you aren’t installer I may discontinue to answer your queries


  2. gudevening sir.
    thanks for ur updates.. God bless u..
    I have been trying to download the autoroll software for alpha box but it seems u have removed it..when I tap on download it doesn’t respond..where can I get it pls.


    1. @ekong, download the Alphabox X4 software above then rename the file to rom.bin and copy the file into an empty disk or flash drive and insert it into your decoder via USB then reboot your decoder back to start upgrading after finish upgrade quickly remove the flash drive or disk once it reaches U-100 before display load in the front panel to avoid start over again


      1. thank you for your response to my requestbut the major problem to re upgrade the decoder is that it does NOT display anything on the screen or on the decoder itself and it does NOT boot or show the yellow light. the only thing seen when connected to power is the red light and nothing more.please help.


      2. NOT work in mine cases,
        i flashed wrong firmware in
        this box now it only shows
        red light on front panel
        please help any one if
        possible there is no rs232
        port .


  3. Thank you for this great work, please I need your help I have a power vu auto update receiver but it never opens BWTV on nilesat pls what can I do


  4. same issue with mine.i use alphabox x4 but it didn’t auto change/update keys for bwtv.i have tried to input key manually but it didn’t allow me to complete writing the keys.please what can i do.


  5. Please all the channel that contains the sports 24, special event and the like on alpha box x4 are currently scrambled. Please how do we go about to unscramble them. Thank you


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