Alots of things or speculations surroundings the death of powervu specifically openbox z5 mini and alphabox x4 but with the help of God and unrestless working of our reliable Chinese engineer who promised to release auto role powervu software which will enable the decoder to update key without internet, In short, alphabox x4 is now joining of the family of redtiger and GSKY v6 soon may be today or tomorrow others such as openbox z5 mini, AONE and azplay will join the auto role family.


——> Download U-BOOT RECOVERY alphabox x4 powervu auto role software here

——> Copy the file into pendrive or flash drive please note that the file is already extracted

——> Plug the pendrive or flash drive into the decoder via USB port

——> Reboot the decoder wait till your decoder read the pendrive to display LOAD and UXXX till software upgrade counter reach 100, then wait your decoder display load again then immediately remove the flash drive or pendrive to avoid starting over

——> After successfully booting and welcome graphic display then scan any of the powervu channels of your choice especially sport 24HD

——> Press menu, navigate to settings, then dial 2778 from your remote control to pop up “ACCESS CONTROL” then press ok on settings, navigate to ACCESS CONTROL, press ok, scroll down to “KEY EDITOR”, then press ok you will see something look like below picture



Please note that the above software and the post content belongs to alphabox x4 only not for any other decoder and make sure you don’t uogarde the decoder via menu rather use U-BOOT RECOVERY METHOD and if you place order spycam account through me, you will get the new account and n Monday morning by God’s and to place order and equiries please contact me on or WhatsApp:-+2348036143281 or on Skype:- @ayokunmi8



  1. I downloaded the software from here and followed your instructions my Alphabox is blazing. What of BWTV how to I input the keys manually to make it work.


  2. Brother i have installed the rom but the KEY EDITOR is not showing. I see softcam edit and Twin Protocol setup. Is there anything else am suppose to do?


  3. Pls when is alphabox x4 getting champion tv auto roll software.i only watch champion bcos i dnt have money now for big dish.pls is there hope for us to get the software soon?


  4. Happy sunday sir this is an active key for BWTV.key0:B8 2F F5 53 9D 3D D1 key1: 87 E6 B7 6A 0E 5A 82 . How do I input these keys to open BWTV. Bcos after clicking softcam edit key what I see is P0057bdfd 00


  5. for the past one week, ss3ni, ss5ni, and ss7ni are not showing. i want to if it is a general problem and if not what should i do to be able to get them showing again. MY DEVICE IS Q13G. thank you.


  6. please if i should upgrade myQ13G with the latest V8.1 powervu/spycam software, is it possible for me to continue to enjoy my valid spycam a/c or is it going to be wiped off.


  7. my device q13g keeps on showing “CONNECT TO SERVER AND THE EXPIRING DATE” after displaying ” INTERNET CONNECTION SUCCESS”.I have tried all the available five networks at my disposal with no avail. please what should i do to get the device back working again?.


  8. Please is there any powervu software for Qsat Q13G+? Can I use the software for Q13G for Q13G+? What is the current state of powervu on Q13G? Which channels/package is it currently able to show? Thanks.


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