1. Good day guy can I use hotbird, secs 4,or Amazon to track startime, apart from the other network, and ccam will work on it? Adeshola Mmuyi From: Peacesat and mobile CommunicationSent: Thursday, May 26, 2016 16:33To: essshola@gmail.comReply To: Peacesat and mobile CommunicationSubject: [New post] DOWNLOAD LATEST QSAT SOFTWARE VERSION V8.05.25

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    Omokunmi Ayoola Nurudeen posted: “Before I dwell into today’s business I will like to give clarification on Qsat and as well as the information needed concerning this new software despite the fact that Qsat server is not encourage as usual but still the best available now when we talk of “


  2. Please after multi tv Ghana upgrade, I am not getting tv3 Ghana anylonger on alpha box x4. Please guide me on how to unscramble it. Thanks


  3. sir, pls i need your help i upload the new software in my qsat i.e 8.05.25, the whole channels where showing but their was audio. pls what will do. thanks for your respond


          1. will qsat decoders work again

            On Sat, Sep 10, 2016 at 10:30 PM, Peacesat and mobile Communication wrote:

            > Omokunmi Ayoola Nurudeen commented: “@ramadhan, No it is not support > alphabox but support qsat decoder only” >


  4. Hello, I have not seen powervu v8 for Qsat 16 among the listed version please provide for us I know I am not the only person need it. Thank you vey much for your cooperation.


      1. Qsat went off on 30/08/2016. Any latest. thanks

        On Mon, Sep 5, 2016 at 8:19 AM, Peacesat and mobile Communication wrote:

        > Omokunmi Ayoola Nurudeen commented: “@nasiru, you can use speed hd s1 > software for your Q16” >


  5. i am from india.
    any one use autoroll firmware in QSAT Q26G ??
    i am download lotoff firmware but my box is sow error “not match file”
    plz send me working autoroll firmware for my QSAT Q26G box

    my mail id=gohelm1978@gmail.com
    my mobile no. +91 9428240889 whatsapp


  6. Hi. I have q23g sense 2014 and I didn’t activated it now I want to activate its DQCAM but I can’t it says network erorr please help me what should I do


  7. my QSAT28 after renewing my subscriotion of three months…The decorder has been bringing a message that contact the dealer ….cant access the channels….


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