1. Thanks for the timely update. I recently tracked hotbird 13E and got 57% with 5.2m dish, original hd stargold lnb and positioned my lnb at 7 o’clock. Unfortunately i received about 48 arab/italian channels that unimpressive. What can i do to get at least 75% that would bring in most of the quality channels?


  2. Tanks for d updates on FTA …dis new world packages,can it b easily access ad how many stations is in dis pakages?is all d stations free?.. tanks!!!


  3. Peacesat…thanks for the good work i really appreciate.I want to confirm if the kwese is still working coz i learnt they have left yamal 54.5e not on c-band. Kindly confirm dis coz i want to change my dish to dis direction. Thanks once more


  4. Hello my Boss, thanks much for the update.
    Please I want you provide me with the latest biss or powervu key if any for kwese tv before it was open now its scramble, I learn that there exit a key sir.



  5. Please i want to ask if like 5 premier League match fall on 3:00pm on Saturday will kwese sport show 1 out of it and would it be top team match


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