Hi guys, here is another unlimited data plan for etisalat user for those who want to download heavily and stream unlimitedly at cheaper price which you can never get from other network though Glo data plan which happen to be the best data plan now falls behind etisalat and the data doesn’t zap anyhow compare to other network and their network is super stable at my reception here though some wasn’t good in some location.


  1. #500 for 2GB        daily plan
  2. #900 for 5GB        daily plan
  3. #1,500 for 15GB    daily plan
  4. #2,000 for 30GB   daily plan
  5.  #1,800 for 11GB    weekly plan
  6. #2,ooo for 15GB     weekly plan
  7. #2,000 for 5GB      monthly plan
  8. #3,000 for 10GB     monthly plan
  9. #5,000 for 15GB     monthly plan
  10. #6,000 for 27GB     monthly plan
  11. #7,500 for 45GB     monthly plan

it works and support all internet devices with high speed download and streaming on iptv device.


  1. Pay through bank transfer or bank teller contact me for the payment details.
  2. Send a copy of your payment receipt to me or full name, amount paid.
  3. Send your etisalat line or phone number to be credited with data.
  4. Send the plan type of your choice e.g daily,weekly or monthly.
  5. After 10 to 15minutes your line will be credited with your respective data plan.
  6. To check balance dial ∗229∗9# 

For further enquries and assistance send your request to me on or whatsapp/imo/telegram: +2348036143281 or Skype: @ayokunmi8.



  1. Thanks Peacesat! I have a big opportunity for those who haven’t gotten a copy of the almighty Gsky receiver! Here is the gist; When Lemmy intruduced Gsky to us on his site, i did my best to get it. And, as an installer, i started telling some of my clients who were cable of getting it and also installing sports24HD. One of them showed interest. Then sports24HD was on 1 meter dish with scaler ring. So, we bought 2 Gsky V6 receivers from Lemmy and it was delivered to me. Eventually, Sports24 went away on 1 meter dish and he became discouraged. He didn’t even use his box up to 2 weeks. Right now, that box/receiver is for sale! If you want it you can contact me here; 08060394247 for the price and delivery details. Remember Gsky V6 is no longer in the market. It has been out of production for more than two months now. And, it is no comparison to V5 in terms of hardware. And, that’s why i narrated this whole story! So Hurry!!!


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