Just a couple of hours ago as exactly around 8.10pm this night i observed the signal lost on sport 24hd on intelsat 904 @34.5w while watching it due to my experience in the field of satellite i quickly check the other channels on the same position and signal rate and i met them intact and the only thing that first come to my mind is BLIND SCAN which i guess right because after successful blind scan i realised that MTN nationwide otherwise known as “SPORT 24HD OR “SKY SPORT” has changed the Transponder from the initial 4173 R 20666 to 4096 R 16911 no addition of channels and as matter of facts the new transponder has high signal rate compare to older one for instance the initial signal rate is 44% and now increase to 52% on my freesat decoder as shown below


  • First check the other channels on the position if it is working then you are strongly advice to blindscan your decoder if there’s no positive effect then the problem may be from the service provider.
  • Adding key manually is not advisable because it may not give you the exact frequency signal that fit your dish installation as we all know that all dish may not have the same signal rate but rather use blindscan for accurate frequency and polarization.
  • Likewise I mentioned above on signal accuracy of the previous transponder may needs a little bit adjust of your dish to increase the signal quality
  • Conscidensly, the LNB and decoder may be faulty at rare but not common then you need replace the faulty accordingly.
  • If you experience high signal rate which above 55% above on any decoder  and at the sametime experince freezing then you needs to replace the decoder before you conclude that the decoder is faulty.
  • If your di-electric plate or rectangular glass is not properly insert on your LNB before i can confidently tell you that it can prevent your signal to come up though other channels have the highest signal rate please take note so you needs to twist your di-electric plate to arrive at best signal qualite rate.


  • Android TV box
  • IPTV account
  • Freesat decoder for fast powervu autorole key
  • Q19G decoder opening canalsat on 22w, mytv and tvsat afrique on 16e
  • Spycam and cccam for Mytv and Tvsat afrique on 16e
  • Wifi stick adapter
  • 3G/4G portable router is coming

To buy, seek assistance or query send your request to or Whatsapp: +2348036143281 or Skype: @ayokunmi8.


27 thoughts on “LATEST SPORT 24HD FREQUENCY ON INTELAT 904 @34.5W

  1. you mean sp24 is now ok at the east? I’ve been trying to nail it but no way. Even with 80+ signal quality on skysport frequency(3800H20000).


  2. Hello sir,I am veryy much grateful for you for you are doing grate for us all we wish you Mary Christmas and a happy new year made Gods add more wisdom on to you and long live.
    Sir, is Champions TV back on?



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