Recently, Airtel introduced double data plan that’s permit you to actually get double of what you subscribe for. You can get as sweet as 3.75GB for 1000 Naira on your AIRTEL SIM. Airtel are always full of surprises, gone are days when 1.5gb goes #1,000 or even more.


1. Go to your phone dail pad.
2. Dial *144#.
3. Now you must be aware that it’s depends on eligibility, but I assure you it’s works for most sims.
4. Choose anyone that suits you.
5. To check your AIRTEL data balance, dial *140#.
Congratulations, you have successfully activated Airtel double data plan.
Enjoy while its last.


You can also enjoy other benefits like calling at 11kb/sec, 500MB for 1GB data valid for 7 days, night browsing of 25naira for 500MB that valid from 12am to 5am in the morning and the newly added, offer 30% data bundle on any data purchased from N500 and above for only the students in the campus.

To Activate Airtel Campus 30% Extra Data

  • Simply dial *312#  to opt-in for SmartTrybe Package
  • Select 1 to migrate
  • Then recharge and buy a data bundle of N500 or above in your campus and you will get 30% bonus of the data you subscribed to as shown below


Airtel NG also introduced a new package called SmartRecharge tagged as DoAnyhow. This new offer gives subscribers 10 times of what they recharged for voice and data. This package seems to be an upgraded version of Airtel ‘OvaJara x8’ Bonus on SmartConnect 4.0 that offers 8x more on the amount you recharge.
The latest Airtel SmartRecharge offers 10 times value (bonus) on all airtime purchase. Bonus for data can be used to download and surf online while bonus for the call can be used to call all networks in Nigeria.


  • ₦100 recharge gives ₦500 for calls and ₦500 for data
  • ₦200 recharge gives ₦1000 for calls and ₦1000 for data
  • ₦500 recharge gives ₦2000 for calls, ₦3000 for data plus extra ₦3000 for data
  • ₦1000 recharge gives ₦2500 for calls, ₦7500 for data plus extra ₦7500 for data

To Activate Airtel SmartRecharge Bonus

It’s easy and simple. Just recharge your line using *220*rechargePIN# and your bonus will be given to you instantly. Fortunately,  it is available for all Airtel users on the network.

This plan works for all devices ranging from Android, BB10, iPhone/iPad, Laptops, Windows phone, Symbian/Java phones; you just name it. For now, this plan seems to be the best data plan that offers both speed and value for the money. Tested and confirmed.

It’s unfortunate that not all Airtel SIMs will be able to benefit from this offer, but at least 70% of Airtel SIMs are eligible for this offer. Kindly dial *440*161# on your Airtel sim to know if you qualify for the offer. If you are eligible, you should see a message like: Dear Customer, you do not have sufficient balance for this plan. And if not, you will receive a message like: Dear customer, you are not eligible for this offer. Kindly dial *141*1# to select other Blackberry offers.

To Subscribe For The Offer
» If you are eligible, load your Airtel sim card with N1,500 airtime
» Dial *440*161# to subscribe
» Also dial *123*10# to check your data balance at any time.


Airtel Unlimited Data Plans are specifically designed for heavy data activities like downloading, streaming and sharing with friends and family. If the Airtel network is good and fast in your location, then Airtel Unlimited will be recommended for you, most especially if you are a business person or you spend most of your time on the internet. You can check how to activate Airtel Unlimited Data Plans here.

Lastly, don’t forget that 11GB data for 9mobile network for still working fine livestreaming or heavy download file and intereting subscriber can contact me using contact form or use any of my social media to reach me.


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