Hi guys, my today’s articles will base on what will be the solution to viewers most especially football lovers as we all knows that any day anytime powervu will soon be vanish anything regarding watching premium channels for free is nothing but “enjoying it while last” because it is not official for free but the encryption was hacked to work flawlessly on supported boxes and as a matter of fact powervu has established and gained the attentions of all the viewers across the world working with view channels in Africa as a result of signal coverage and mostly common in Asian continent at least 60-70% of their channels are powervu encryption and if we analyse the way powervu is working africa which has view channels will be the first continent to say goodbye to powervu but how soon will be then i don’t know thats why i suggest iptv to be the best solution even some are currently use it now without any attempt of using powervu as we all that to enjoy powervu channels you needs 1m dish above but prefarably 3m dish and some even suggest BUD which simply means BIG UGLY DISH like 3m dish above and if you analyse the cost for big dish is around #100,000 depend on the size you want and another barrier to this is the space to mount the dish which there will be no any tenant to buy big dish also there is no way by which you will not buy either hotbird or hispasat or gshare account to power all the channels and this is another expenses for the cccam server setup and anytime there’s technical problem regarding signal there will be problem for the users but if you analyse how iptv works for those who have access to unlimited internet data and stable network are the one enjoin watching live football matches,  latest movies and music, cartoons and documentaries etc and due to interractions with customers these are the common question always ask by the people which i think can clear your doubt as thus:

  • Why do i need iptv box?: The reason why you needs iptv box is that it offers live sport most especially football, movies and documentaries etc without using big dish.
  • How does it work?: Iptv works with stable and unlimited internet and it is available in different platform but the most common among them is android iptv.
  • Like which channels can i get from iptv?: you can get all the premium channnels like skysports, beinsports, bt sports fox sports, espn , canalsat sport etc.
  • How much data does it consume?: Iptv consume as low as 500mb depend on the quality picture you are streaming or watching.
  • How do i determine the stable network in any reception?: The best answer is to test run all the network available in your are to know which service provider has good and stable network.
  • How to get cheap data?: almost all the nigerian network service provider has re-adjust their data plan compare to their respected data plan you can read from my previous post get cheap data plan otherwise go for smile network which offers unlimited internet data plan for a month at cheaper price but their network coverage available in Lagos, Abuja, Portharcourt and kaduna and not fully available in every where in nigeria besides you can get etisalat 5GB for just #1,500 with 30 days validity period, and you can make use of night and weekend data plan too.
  • How to setup iptv?: The best among the iptv platform is Android iptv box which are available base on thier specifications and brand name e.g T95, m8s, Mxq pro etc.
  • How to use it?: Android iptv box can easily be operate just like you are operating the satellite decoder and there’s no special training for it at all.
  • Where do i get Original Iptv box?: well with my little experience on iptv boxes due to challenges and the complaints i can confidently tell you that there’s fake android iptv box if you compare the original to fake you can rare differenciate the two but only the expert can do this thats why you needs to buy from the reliable source and if you needs any of the iptv boxes you contact me.
  • How do i make the payment and mode of delivery?: You can reguest for the price through any of my contacts details and after we agree then payment details will be sends to you and after you purchase anything from me you are expected to send me your full name, address with postal service code and active phone number it will be deliver to you within 1-3days if you are in Nigeria but outside nigeria will take 7-10 working days before it can be deliver to you.
  • Can I recommend android iptv box?: My answer is YES because it will offer you everything you want very portable,durable and affordable to buy and it can be setup within a day compare to others options.
  • What advice can you give to the users?: The first advice i gan give those using is that they must not use any other power plug or adapter besides the one that come along with it because the box consume less voltage and if the power adapter get faulty please replace it with the same voltage otherwise your decoder will brick totally and if you don’t have access to unlimited internet through out the month you can still makes use of the android iptv box by manage your data i.e you can watch your android box only when you have important matches or program to watch after you finish watching then you off it as we all that network and internet data are the disadvantages of IPTV  you can check below pictures on iptv box and to know more about how iptv works or read more you can click on any of the link as follows #link 1, #link 2, #link 3,

    SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT:Etisalat 5GB data is now available for as low as #1,500 and you can also get you android box  also we have cccam for canalsat reunion and parabole working fine on eutelsat 16A @16e  and the freesat  is best autorole powervu decoder working fine on sport 24HD, Sony espn,HBO, discovery and Animal planet without internet key update by sending your request to or whatsapp: +2348036143281 or skype:- @ayokunmi8.

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gud day sir.sir i have androidbox some call speed 9HD pls i need account for it where i can get yoruba firm to wacth am from ghana

Ransford Kwame

Very good


please how much is the android IPTV


Is it support 3G dongle modem ? may i use it here in Bangladesh for watching any European tv channels ?

Josiah Olabisi

Please I need more information about Etisalat 5gb for #1,500 and code.

George Acheampong

You are doing marvelously well on this site ,God bless u

musa umar

pls how can I determine the size of dish to be used for a particular satellite


Hi Ayoola,could you please help me with the antenna settings/configuration of K1 plus?A friend came and track MBC on badr 26E with his strong 4669 decoder for me and after blindscanning it the MBC channels pop up.I removed the coaxial cable and connected it to my K1 plus but the signal didn’t come so i removed the cable back and fixed it the strong 4669 and signal was there and it was MBC fine.Ayoola,please what could be the problem with the k1 plus?Please help me out


Hi,I’m unable to get satellite channels with my k1 plus iptv box why?