Many people may be wonder why freesat teams releases new software while the current or running version doesn’t have any defects but to add or support more fuctions that’s why the new software being release and as a matter of fact default software is still working perfectly on any powervu channels but will loose some functions like TANDBERG encryption program which was available on freesat decoder to opening some channels for free just like POWERVU for sport 24 and so on but only Africa @3w available globally in Africa with at least 90cm dish while other like strong,powersat,viewsat,astra HD,almighty alphabox and gsky has releases series of software just to add autorole and yet they still have glaire defects but to get a reliable and fully autorole decoder with tandberg then i confidently confirmed to you that only freesat decoder can do the it.

Purposely, the new software was release not to fix error but add more functions that will be opening another encryption program tag XCRYPT channels which is current opening the many channels on transponder 3951 V 6100 @133E such channels includes:SCTV, indosiar, O channel, ANTV, Trans, Meto, Nat Geo, Channel V, Fox Sport, Fox Movies Premium, Fox, Cartoon Network and if you haven’t upgrade your decoder since you purchased it or your decoder is still runinng old software you needs to upgrade to version date 06062015 before you can upgrade to the latest version others you will continue to get error.

NOTE:– You are strongly advice to use generator or inverter to stabilize electricity because any power failure while upgrading your decoder may leads your decoder to misbehave and all the software has been extracted to bin file.


  1. First download previous software version 06062016 if your current software on your decoder running 21052016 version or below the date but if above 06062016 proceeds to no3.
  1. After successfull download you are expected to back up your channels before upgrade, copy any of the software model compactible with your decoder to drive and plug to your decoder, now PRESS MENU>>>>>>GOTO>>>>>>TOOLS>>>>>BACKUP/UPGRADE>>>>>SCROLL DOWN TO PRESS OK BUTTON ON START TO UPGRADE YOUR DECODER.


  1. After successfull upgrade you are expected to delete previous software version 0606215 fr0m your derive to avoid error while upgrading in no5.
  2. Download latest version 2909216 as following below:

  1. Repeat no2.

  2. Restore Already Backup channels or Do rescan your channels back by PRESS MENU>>>>>SATELLITE INSTALATION>>>>>>>SELECT SATELLITE>>>>>>CHANGE THE LNB FREQ (E.G 5150 FOR CBAND AND UNIVERSAL FOR KUBAND) PRESS GREEN BUTTON TO SCAN, and set the following parameter:

  • Scan type:                        Single Satellite Search
  • Satellite:                           1/1 (satellite name)
  • FTA Only:                          No
  • Scan Channel:                 TV + Radio
  • Network Search:             No
  • Scan Mode:                       Blind Scan
  • Search:                               OK

please be aware that for any powervu channels to work effective you are expected to use appropriate satellite name and degree and wait for some minutes for the decoder to get EMM active key and it will bring picture shortly e.g for sony package use intelsat 68.5E and intelsat 66e for sony HD and use NSS 57E and Intelsat 30.5w for Sport 24HD similarly to Tandberg and very soon before the end of this month XCRYPT will be available for Eutelsat 7A and 9A.


It seems MTN nationwide which otherwise known as Skysport or Sport 24HD was signal technical problem which forced the company to change their frequency from 4131 R 11250 to 4131 R 12999 many user’s might be wondered what really happen those who aware of the problem has fully restore their channnels back through blind scan (recommendable) and that’s most reason i always imploy to seek the assistance from reliable source before tamper your dish and if you have already tampered your dish you better call the installer around you to fix the problem for you.




The best alternative to watch any premium channels is android tv box which requires only stable internet network and data all the beinsports, skysports, BT sports, CTH stadium, Arena sport, Astro super sport including movies, documentary and cartoon are available on Android tv box without a single dish if you are always get chance to watch for at least 2hours per day and you can’t afford to buy Big dish due to high of purchase or no space to mount it then you needs Android tv box to solve the problem but many try to avoid it through data consumption and I confirmed it for you that with #2,000 every month on mtn to by #17.5GB and #4,000 to buy 24GB from GLO for a month  then you are good to go to watch any live matches across the world and as a matter of facts i spend almost 3GB on last sunday matches to watch for 4 matches with good quality picture  between manutd vs stoke city, Tot vs mancity, burnley vs arsenal and celta vigo vs barcelona and if you analyse the cosumptions of data you will realise that it is affordable to use and  you can read from more about android iptv box here and its application here.


Freesat decoder is doing Magic and stable on powervu and Tandberg channels and if you analyse how freesat decoder is working you come to realise that the software of last 5 month ago still working fine with powervu channels but will loose some functions like Tandberg encrption program and of the greatest function perfomed by freesat decoder is when you plug usb drive contain latest freesat software will instantly notify you on the tv screen that “new software detects upgrade now” while pressing “YES” will link to where to start upgrading and the best alternative to watch is android tv box and if you are interesting to buy fresat and android tv box you can send your request to or imo/whatsapp/telegram:+2348036143281 or Skype: @ayokunmi8.


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