In my previous post where I discussed past events in 2015 satellites on both internet key sharing(iks) and satellites key sharing(sks) here whereby various attached was launched to stopped the using of watching unofficially on unofficial decoder which was at least 80% successfully but the remaining 20% rating is for the Qsat which is currently working on canalsat @22west and that’s the only decoder opening canalsat unofficially but no channels is currently working on DSTV either on avatarcam nor spycam none of the two account working now on eutelsat 36A but tonight I know many have been waiting for this kind of post to come to existing thanks to the guru which  provides manual powervu key patch menu which enable qsat users to use their decoder to descramble powervu channels such as sport 24 and Sony which I can think of most especially weat African countries or africal as a whole.

—–> Download powervu softcam key for Q26G and Q28G here,
——> copy the powervu softcam software in the flash and plug it via USB port at anywhere in the decoder then  load the lowervu softcam patch just like the way you want to upgrade your decoder.
——-> press menu, navigate to settings, press ok then xcam, press ok, then press ok on “patch” then change the encryption or “CAS TYPE” to “PowerVu” then press red button to add then insert the any of the following key depend on the channels and the key with each package are provided below

Sony six or Sony kix

Frequency 3900 H 22222

00:47 F9 48 1A 92 CF E0 00
01:8B BD 18 DE FB 87 A9 00

HB0 India, CN American.
3980 V 19500

SKY International N.
4195 V 40000

   APL, Discovery
3974 H 19850

Intelsat 19 – 166 E
3860 H 28000
(AFN Atlantic, AFN Pacific, AFN Spectrum, AFN News, AFN Movie, AFN Family, AFN Xtra, AFN Sports, AFN Sports HD)
ECMKEY1= 9E83D4513F3B23

MTN Worldwide TV  
NSS 47.5°W-4163 R 9247
-NSS 57.0°E- 4147 R 9245
-NSS 20°W- 4131 R 15404

Key0: 39 B8 17 17 AD 58 82

Key1: 19 58 D5 DD B9 FC A2

Please note that ident/provider ident here means the frequency use to scan the channels e.g if use 4129 to scan MTN worldwide channels your ProiD(hex) on adding MTN w


orldwide powervu key will be 04129 as shown below

Sroll down to to “Key” press ok button to add alphanumeric value as it was provide above then leave the symbol rate and polarisation as it isn’t recommend.
Lastly use blue button to confirm then then the channels will be automatically opening and blazing.


All the key provided for powervu patch key provide on this post are still active as the time of writing this post at the end of the day it may be blocked by the service provider and you have to look for powervu patch key otherwise buy alphabox or openbox z5 mini auto powervu key update decoder and also scaler ring also available for watching MTN worldwide channels where we have sport 24 dedicated for sport most especially English premiership and champion league and BBC and fox news also available for news lover on 90cm dish with aid of scaler ring which change the signal of 90cm dish to 1.3-4m dish and you can learn and read more on how to install sport 24 with 90cm dish here and here.

For further enquiry, information, assistance and to buy of the decoder or accessories you can placed order by contact me via or WhatsApp:- +2348036143281 or on  Skype:- @ayokunmi8

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Wow very nice


it got stucked at 62 percent on my qsat26g


Chairman, how can I order for SCALER RING from you and how much???
Secondly am in Delta State, Precisely SAPELE Axis!!!
Please Boss I need it more than anything else because here in Sapele many people are still looking for it…
Thanks for your quickly response!!!


Can I get soft cam for xmaster 2 decoder