Last week friday, many people reported that sony channels on inteslat 68,5e started freezing unceremoniusly without traces of the cause which affect some decoder including freesat decoder despite the fact some people started posting negative comment but i told them that freesat decoder happen to be the best autorole decoder on both powervu and tandberg and special thanks to freesat teams because they normally responds to any complaints that might affect their products and acts fast to solve the problem, please check the date of the latest software on your decoder and if it is 05052016 date version you needs to upgrade your decoder first with 06062016 date version before you can proceeds to download the new software below:


After successful download you can proceeds to upgrade your decoder by follow the steps in this link , you can also upgrade via pc click here and  after successful upgrade you are expected to scan your decoder by using appropriates satellite and sometimes you needs to leave your decoder for some minutes for your decoder to generate ecm key for both effective autorole functions meanwhile you can reboot your decoder if picture not come up after 30minutes and leave it again and i hope the picture will comes up shortly and if you encounter power failure during upgrade and your decoder soft brick or fried kindly learn more on how to wake or revive dead freesat decoder here and finally, you differenciate the original to fake or copy of freesat decoder from any satellite store to avoid choosing the wrong product read more here.

For further enquiry, assistance and to buy freesat decoder kindly send your request to me on Email: Info@Peacesat.Com or Whatsapp/Imo/Telegram: +2348036143281 or Skype: @Ayokunmi8.

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