It has been 3days now failing to renew my glo bis plan but not successful before I was notice that glo has changed the price tag of each plan without any official announcement on their official websites which I think many people will be wonder why this increment takes places with logic reasons unceremoniusly, if you fail in subscribe with #1,000 glo credit on your phone to you needs to #400 to it making #1,400 then you can now dial ∗777# or send comonth in text message to recipient 777 then follow by response message from glo indicates the subscription successful or pending before you can have access to the glo bis, and here are the short listed subscriptions below shown


As you can see it the plan duration still remains the same but the only plan that can recommend for glo bis plan users is absolutely 3GB valid for 30days which is #1,500. This plan works flawlessly on IME tweaking and it can be use for live streaming on YouTube or iptv at high speed and it can also be shared or connect through hotspot for PC or any other internet device
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