It’s my privilege and honour to welcome my fans/followers of this website to new year edition 2016 “complement of the season” I will give you the shortest brief or flash memory of 2015 whereby series of incident were happened let me start with Azsky/A+ which resurrect on November 2014, before he was final attacked on february, a week after qsat follow Azsky as a result of strong attack by dstv but as a result of unrestless or hard working of Qsat survI’ve the attacked by released software which fixed the server problem but still qsat doesn’t stable as it was before, In may 2015, beinsport otherwise known now as cbst 01-07 on eutelsat w7 came to beign as a result of biss key before it was totally blocked, In early September 2015, a new invention of braking the security of encryption channels tag “POWERVU “ some premium channels were able to watch free like sport 24hd,skysport,Sony Six,AFN,etc despite the fact that the key is change unceremoniously thank God our beloved Chinese introduce series of decoder such as openbox z5 mini,Alphabox X4, SRTGHD ,gsky v6, Qsat and AONE which solving auto update powervu key which also solve and brake the security of champion tv encryption which allows to watch champion tv unofficially despite the fact that champion tv has there own decoder some weeks later in October series of software was also launched by champion tv to secure their channels from unofficial decoder which was was done successfully as at now no decoder that’s currently opening the champion tv for an hour because champion tv is currently changing their encryption security key in every 15minutes there are some decoder which support powervu but not auto update key such as SRT 4922/4922A and 4950M/4950H/4950E, in November. 2015, Amos or eutelsat 16A satellite was dismissed on thier beam after some weeks it was re-launched on ABS @3W yet star movies package  is back on ABS @3W while some channels still mixing on eutelsat 16A such as oromia,feed1,feed2, etc, early December 2015, mbc pro on nilesat add mbc 2,mbc action,bollywood etc and lastly, another invention of signal booster called SCALER RING was introduced to boost signal most expecially to change the dimension of small dish to 1.2m above which enable people to have hope of watching sport 24hd on 90cm dish above though the minimum require to watch the channels is 1.8m dish and also the invention of scaler ring reduce the high cost of requirement dish and a tenant found it difficult to install wide band dish which required some pieces of land to install and you can read my post here on how to easily install sport 24 on 90cm dish abive without wasting much of our time let’s go straight to the business this post will be useful to those who bought thier decoder without activation and also for those who doesn’t know how to update key on openbox z5 mini and Alphabox X4 but tonight I will shed more light into it.

=====> Download openbox box Z5 mini powervu autorole and Alphabox X4
=====> copy the software into the flash drive, then plug it into your decoder via USB port,
=====> Press menu====>settings/preference=====>USB upgrade=====>locate the file (.Bin), press Ok button to start upgrading.
=====> After successful upgrade decoder will reboot then connect your decoder to the internet through 3G modem or wifi or LAN by press menu====> settings ======> network configuration =====> choose link type (3G for modem, wifi and LAN cable may be from router ) make sure you tick auto link, after network connection success
=====> For Openbox z5 mini Press menu, navigate to access control but on alphabox x4 naviagte to settings then dial 2778 from your remote control to pop up access control menu, then scroll down to “key editor” press Ok, press “blue button to delete all” then press exit to the screen,
======> Press menu, navigate to online upgrade, press Ok wait for some seconds, scroll down to “softcam key” press Ok, then navigate to the right on softcam key (please note that if you get information about the latest softcam key indicate that there’s good network but if it fail please check your network connection), press Ok button to load the key once you Ok, the channels will be automatically opening.


Please be aware that this trick works for those who want to update key only
=====> after you have set up the network configuration and you go to the access control to delete the keys ,
=====> Reboot your decoder, after you get network connection success,  wait for about 10-20seconds a new softcam key detected upgrade now will appear on your tv screen then press Ok button to upgrade the new key then the channels will be opening automatically as shown below



Qsat/Spycam account is still blazing on canalsat 7west and when it comes to undisputed powervu decoder with best customer service openbox z5 mini and Alphabox X4 and their engineer has promised to migrate from iks(internet key sharing) to sks(satellite key sharing) hopefully before the end of this month just keep visit this website the software will be available only on this site as soon as possible and you can place order for any of the decoder/accessories or scaler ring is also available feel free to contact me on or WhatsApp:- +2348036143281, on Skype :- @ayokunmi8

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hello boss weldone; when i tryed to download a software into my alphabox X4 after upgrading the receiver just went off and only the red led is on ? please how to revive it ; thanks


[…] ==> Press menu—-settings—–network setup—-choose link type(3G for modem, Gprs for simcard, wifi,LAN). Then press blue button to connect read more here […]

Sheikh Fayaz

l want to openboxz5mini update powervu
auto roll firmware/Softcam key download link please.


Goodday,which of the button functions can i use to put in powervu keys manually in Alphabox x4?

Bappa hamma

pls sir is this premium 1080 have auto roll

[…] Alphabox x6 combo is highly recommend to update the softcam through network after the upgrade by Press Menu, Navigate to Settings then dial 2778 to get permission to ACCESS CONTROL then Press OK button on softcam key and Press ok button again to get the latest softcam key loaded or  setup your internet of your decoder then reboot your decoder and wait for few seconds to get new softcam key update appear on your screen and select ok to get new softcam key loaded and once it display successful then you are good to go and read more here… Read more »