Hi guys, its been though time for the viewers of powervu encryption channels as a result of frequently changing of key by the service provider most especially sport 24HD package which has been working fine before the key changed and due to much complaint about the followers of this website then i bring out the best steps and tips you wake your decoder to start blazing and the most dangerous box for now is alphabox despite the fact that the box is cheap and still among the working box but sad say that alphabox is the fastest growing frying decoder anytime there’s available software at least 5 cases of fried alphabox decoder always recorded as a result of carelessness, power failure and failure to follow the step involves as prescribe and also almighty gsky which has been down is now fully restored despite the fact that the gsky was highly rated and it is clear to everybody and those who have it can confirm it stopped working for about two weeks before it was fixed and yet no decoder that will not have its downtime and it is only decoder that is expensive among the powervu decoder available right now, if you have azplay or openbox z5 mini and it is not working you needs to upgrade your decoder to the latest version and also those with azfox can also use the same software by using U-BOOT MENU to upgrade your decoder which i drop the steps later all the software in this website has tested and confirmed to be working fine on the stated decoder.If you have alphabox, openbox z5 mini and gsky you can proceeds to download the following software for your respective decoder.

NOTE:- I will not be reliable to any damage that might caused or decoder to misbehave or fried your decoder and you are doing it at your own risk all the software has tested and confirmed working fine if strictly follow the instructions given.


The best and save  method is U-BOOT UPGRADE METHOD by following steps.

  • Copy the software to flash drive or memory card
  • Insert usb drive or memmory card into your deoder
  • Reboot or power off and on, and hold on OK button for about 5seconds till you see blue picture or the front panel of the decoder start counting, remove your hand from OK button.
  • Wait till upgrade finish after 2-3 minutes, immediately remove the flash drive or memmory card from your decoder when it reboot itself.
  • Press exit to the screen and scan the channels back and wait for about 30seconds to bring picture.

GSKY STEPS:Press menu—–tools—–USB Upgrade, press OK button, then locate the file.bin and press OK button on START UPGRADE.


There are three steps involve by which you can update your softcam key on alphabox and openbox z5 mini or az play which as follows:

AUTO UPDATE VIA ONLINEYou must first set up NETWORK by press menu—-settings—Network config—Link Type, choose type available for you e.g wifi network,3G network, USB network, LAN, after successful set up wait till you get message showing “Network connection success” then press exit to the screen and then wait for about 5-10seconds to receive message on your tv screen”new softcam.key detected. upgrade now, press yes to upgrade new softcam.key online and wait till you get “Load success”. then tune to any of the powervu channels and wait for about 15-30seconds the picture will comes up shortly.



MANAULLY UPDATE: press menu—-settings (if access control is missing on alphabox dial 2778) or navigate to access control on openbox z5 mini/azplay and aone decoder dial 2778 to have enter access control menu, but navigate to “online” wait for about 15seconds scroll down to softcam, press OK, then navigate to left hand on softcam, press OK, wait for about 5seconds to get “loading” OK, then press exit to the screen and tune to any of the powervu channels and the picture will instantly comes up and showing


  • Get a flash drive or usb drive and download the softcam key and copy it to the drive or disk. click here to download latest softcam key.
  • press menu–settings, press 2778 to open “access control”
  • In access control menu, select upgrade file by USB, then press ok on softcam.key once you get”load success” press exit to the screen and wait for the picture to comes up shortly.


You can follow the steps to update the softcam key of any decoder and yet graphics design may be different but the steps may be slightly or totally the same things and if you are looking for unbeatable and undisputable powervu autorole decoder it is freesat decoder and you can read more about the decoder in our previous post and you will see the comments post by our fans using the box with the best quality picture read more here and here, Alphabox company are yet to release RS232 recovery file for those wheose decoder fall into the victims of showing red light at the front panel and the only solution to the problem of red light is to reprogram the i.c by the programmer and not everybody has accesss to the opportunity that’s most the reason why freesat decoder came to being because alphabox company aren’t ready to find solutions to the problem and freesat has 100% chance of getting your decoder back to alive if it get fried and if you have have interest to buy freesat decoder you can contact me via or whatsapp: +2348036143281 or skype: @ayokunmi8.

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