As far as MTN nationwide popularly known as “sport 24hd” is concern all African countries most especially west Africa specifically Nigeria or countries where dstv and other top and expensive service providers operated needs sport 24hd to quenches their thirsty on live football matches without the exception of eutelsat 9A both satellites packages over live football and some other channels across the world and the issue on ground concerning sport 24hd is that new channels or satellite for sport 24hd were founded last week before last night where sport 24hd successfully migrated to their new position @34.5w intelsat 904 which also contains AFN (America Force Network)  and Nigeria local channels NTA (Nigerian Television Authority) and some other channels and this new position has been tested and confirmed working and stable more than previous one and it works through out day and night with the previous powervu key before I proceeds to the steps on how to install the new sport 24hd, please take note that it doesn’t work on 1m dish even with scaler ring but hopefully you can use 1.3m dish only or with scaler ring to get it done.



• Get 1.3m dish above.

• Get original strong cband lnb brand.

• Scaler ring (optional) but needed if you find it difficult to get signal.

• Powervu dedicated decoder like openbox z5 mini, alphabox, Qsat, Gsky v6, Gshd and strong 4922A, or you can send your request to me for the latest powervu decoder better than previous one with back up file.

• Latest software and the working powervu key visit and using the search engine at the right hand corner for your decoder name or model and all the related post will be available for you.

Please take note that you must insert di-electric plate inside the lnb, in layman, I mean the glass must be inserted into the lnb.

• Twist your Lnb to either 5, 7 or 11 O’CLOCK.

• First track NTA on 3778 H 3778 make sure you attaining maximum signal quality like 80% above.

• Enter manually sport 24 transponder 4091 V 20666 or better  blindscan your decoder for adding up channels automatically.

• If you have tampered with your current working key you needs to add manually otherwise it will work automatically if the current sport 24hd powervu key is still active



Sport 24hd/ Afn current working powervu key as follows:
(AFN Atlantic, AFN Pacific, AFN Spectrum, AFN News, AFN Movie, AFN Family, AFN Xtra, AFN Sports, AFN Sports HD)
ECMKEY1= 9E83D4513F3B23

Key 00:98 65 B2 62 77 F7 AB
Key 01:FF FA 91 E9 7B 25 70

For further assistances and enquiries and to place order for any satellites accessories kindly send your request to me on email:- [email protected] or whatsapp:- +2348036143281 or [email protected]

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