Qsat Teams was doing a great and justly performance following the release of the new software that revive some qsat product which was abandon by the teams and thank God i complaint and they hear my complaint which arrives  positively and benefits to some people owns any kind of qsat decoder and I personally don’t force people to buy any product from most especially spycam account as you can see on another blog criticising qsat teams as scam but they forget that qsat has one way or the other benefit to them, we needs to support them and give them the necesary information to achieve something great just like now mytv and tvsat is confirm working fine and stable hopefully before this week runs out canalsat will join too and i’m aware that there’s challenge from those reader who fail to follow the steps involved while upgrading your decoder and you can follow the same steps involves on my previous post even your decoder is stuck on load display on your decoder and it will revive it and at the sametime upgrade to the latest version.


  • 12523 H 30000 (MYTV AFRICA)
  1. My tv more
  2. Silverbird
  3. Trace urban
  4. Mytv Africa
  5. Ait
  6. Rave tv
  7. Channels tv
  8. Galaxy
  9. Digital congo
  10. Mytv Hausa
  11. Mytv Series
  12. Waptv
  13. Tele 50
  14. Aljazeera English
  15. Rti 2
  16. Wazobia TV
  17. Ntai
  18. KBS World
  19. Mytv Toonz
  20. Ma Tele Afrique
  21. Ma Tele Xtra
  22. Rti 1
  23. Mytv Africa
  • 12606 H 30000 (TVSAT AFRIQUE)
  1. Tf1
  2. France 2
  3. France 3
  4. France 5
  5. France O
  6. Rtl 9
  7. Ab3
  8. Mangas
  9. Ab Monteurs
  10. Ab1
  11. Trek
  12. Toute l histories
  13. Science et Vie
  14. Animaux
  15. Action
  16. Cine FX
  17. Cine Polar
  18. Nt1
  19. Tmc
  20. Fox sport
  21. Kto
  22. Trace Africa
  23. Rtnc
  24. Tiji
  25. Novelas
  26. A+
  27. Gospel TV

For those who request new software for Q+ series needs to exercise more patients to get their decoder updated and Q26G,Q28G and Telbox T1 model are confirmed working fine on both tvsat and mytv channels while awaiting canalsat to be back online as soon as possible this week hopefully and for those with active spycam can re-activate your spycam account but if you get server nack notification error message under spycam platform three things needs to come to your mind as follows:

  1. Error in network connections
  2. Your current account is expired
  3. If otherwise error like loading while internet is ok, then you needs to upgrade to the latest version.


  • Android tv box
  • IPTV account works for all iptv device
  • 6month spycam account
  • Qsat decoder
  • Canalsat Reunion, Tvsat and Mytv Africa cccam
  • Wifi Adapter working for satellite decoder that support wifi
  • Freesat decoder for autorole powervu and tandberg
  • Etisalat Awoof data with low price.

Send your request to me for further assistance and to buy new of our items kindly contact me via email: or Skype: @ayokunmi8, or Whatsapp/Imo/Telegram: +2348036143281.


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