It was very though for all the powervu users around the world most especially those who are yet get dedicated powervu autorole decoder like freesat decoder,Gsky,super esat,alphabox etc even our dearest QSAT which performs autorole before has stopped as a result of the recent key changed by the service provider in two consecutive within 24hours that reveal the QSAT has stopped autorole powervu key which I think will be fix in the next software and back to the business of the moment, let’s me start with the update by each decoder.

Warning:+ I will not liable for any caused or damaged to your decoder as a result of power failure or choose wrong file bear it in mind that you are doing it at your own risk and every single file available in this article has been tested and confirmed genuine there would be no problem if you strictly follow the instructions given.


Before I proceeds, I will like tell all our fans who falls into the victims of brick their alphabox decoder may be as a result of power failure or any other issues related to i.c reprogram that the manufacturer company hasn’t yet provide generalize and standardize solutions to the problem, so please make sure that you are very much careful in upgrading your decoder and try as much as possible to avoid anything that might caused power failure during upgrading and the latest alphabox software fix the following:- USB network sharing,powervu channels and also add new introduce tanberg encryption program and please make sure you download the correct software for your alphabox decoder

Download alphabox x4

Download alphabox x6 combo

Please take note that the software must be rom.bin and make sure you upgrade via U boot menu read more here on how to upgrade alphabox decoder


This decoder has the same step and have the same graphic design but different software and to be in safer side while upgrade try to use USB-boot I mean the same procedure for Alphabox but if it didn’t work for you then try USB-menu by following this steps: menu>>>>settings>>>>locate file from drive then press OK button to start upgrading once successfully upgrade and reboot scan your favorite powervu channels back and start enjoying and you can learn more on how to upgrade aone decoder here.

GSKY V6 $ V5 

GSKY teams wasn’t yet release new software for v6 but v5 is available and I will updates you as soon as there’s updates despite the fact that some powervu channels are not Working fine on it Intelsat 68,5e like HBO and CCN on Sony entertainment package only on v6  but v5 is working fine and if you are HBO and CNN fans you can downgrade to the previous of v6 version but you will not be able to watch Sony package and you can download GSKY V5 here and read more how on how to upgrade GSKY here.


obliviously and undoubtedly freesat decoder is simply the best autorole decoder with high sensitive powervu autorole functions,good quality picture our customers that taste the decoder can testify to it, this is not market strategy but reality below are the pictures of the comment made by the users 

For those in Nigeria and other countries you can place your order through me and deliver your package to you irrespective countries you may be, within 7 working days your package will reach you, send your request to info@peacesat.com or WhatsApp:- +2348036143281 or Skype:- @ayokunmi8.


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