The breaking news for this wonderful week start today Monday 22, February, 2016 is the rumour which reported to me on last weekend saturday from a reliable source that dstv/multichoice Africa will soon lauch new subscription tag COMPACT PLUS which will be available for #6,000 naira Nigerian currency and I was also reported that the new decoder plus a month subscription will be around #12,000 to #15,000 the channels includes will be all premium sport channels and no more than that and all the informations may be ambiguous but I’m very sure it will be 70-30% rate.



Regarding the reasons why Dstv will unveil to announce the new compact plus subscription base on my years of experiences in the field of satellites tv as follows:-
1. Football matches rights:- I think another powerful services provider is around the corner which hasn’t expose but dstv may be aware of how this new company ready to challenge dstv in terms of football right matches most especially English premiership, La liga and champions league others will be share among thems this football right may be share equally I mean 50-50% or 70-30% for example during the reigning of hitv which had full right of English premiership, champions league, la liga and seria in 2009 but dstv has no rights whatsoever to telecast live English premiership at that time.

  1. Cost effectiveness:- The cost of dstv decoder/subscriptions may be at high compare to other service provider but due to the challenges on its way may be force dstv to reduce the price of decoder and the subscription and failing to do so may leads people to buy cheap products offering the same or somewhat similar but may not be the same to enjoy thier life.
  2. Maintenance cost:- One the problem that we customers of dstv facing is the maintenance cost of decoder if it get soft/hard brick any fault report to dstv after the warrant has expire usually cost #7,000 for repair but to collect the new decoder is #10,000, if the decoder has been tampered or the warrant paper has been removed dstv will request you to buy another decoder and if the decoder get the same problem or another problem in the following day after tested ok before leave their office leads to another cost of #7,000, maintenance cost also needs to review

  3. Channels reviews:- Channels needs to review because if the compact plus actually released as reported some entertainments channels needs to add because it will get bored for watching football only, dstv must add at least more channels to this package not should be football or sport only.

  4. Using of fragile chip to build decoder:- if you pay visit to dstv office or you are among the victims whose zappa decoder get soft/hard brick will testify that zappa decoder are the most fragile dstv decoder compare the older decoder as a result of fragile or flexible chipset used to produce the decoder the problem needs to be rectify or produce another decoder with better or good chipset to avoid loosing customers


Qsat is back online on both Spycam and avatarcam and if yours Qsat decider fail to work check the following:-
1. Check if you are running current software if not download the latest software here and here.
2. Network connection problem may prevent your Qsat to work by checking the network configuration settings and make sure your SIM card is still active loaded with airtime credit/internet data bundle
3. Check if your current Spycam/avatarcam is still active if you get “box hasn’t no account” after querying manually then you needs to buy another account and please note that if your avatarcam account expire you are forced to load the Spycam software into your decoder before attempt to load the new Spycam account and you can download from this link here or for Spycam+powervu software click here but not all Qsat decoder support powervu if you can get new Spycam code through me with fast delivery after your payment is confirmed and you can contact me via or whatsapp:- +2348036143281 or Skype:- @ayokunmi8.

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