Good morning guys and i wish all muslims brothers across the world happy Eid-el-kabir before i dwell into today’s business i will like to say few words about openbox z5mini which are the best autorole decoder last year before the company rebrand their product to release alphabox series if you analyse the two aabove mentioned decoder both have the pattern of updating powervu key but openbox z5 mini has good quality picture with strong chip  than alphabox box and both decoder has no recovery boot file to revive it back unless it is take back to the company or programmer for I.C reprogram which is very difficult to get computer technician to handle the case for such problem and yet if you get the progrmmer you will still spend the money for to and fro waybill to take your decoder back and such programmer will stil demand token from you and if you analyse the cost it will up to the same price spend to buy new one and yet nobody above mistakes and if such things happen again that means you needs to repeat the same process likewise  the software which i will upload here is confirmed working well most but not 100% guaranteed because the its not official software for this model and the official software has bug problem of signal lost and that’s this post come to exist.

TAKE NOTE:- If you strictly follow the intructions given on this post but if have any problem that’s means you are your own because i will not liable for any damage to your decoder as a result of your negligence



  • Copy the software to flash drive or memory card and rename it to rom.bin
  • Insert usb drive or memmory card into your deoder.
  • Reboot or power off and on, and hold on RED Z DESIGN button on the front of your decoder  for about 15seconds till you see blue picture or the front panel of the decoder start counting, remove your hand from button.
  • Wait till upgrade finish after 2-3 minutes, immediately remove the flash drive or memmory card from your decoder when it reboot itself.
  • Press exit to the screen and scan the channels back and wait for about 30seconds to bring picture.
  • AUTO UPDATE VIA ONLINEYou must first set up NETWORK by press menu—-settings—Network config—Link Type, choose type available for you e.g wifi network,3G network, USB network, LAN, after successful set up wait till you get message showing “Network connection success” then press exit to the screen and then wait for about 5-10seconds to receive message on your tv screen”new softcam.key detected. upgrade now, press yes to upgrade new softcam.key online and wait till you get “Load success”. then tune to any of the powervu channels and wait for about 15-30seconds the picture will comes up shortly. or
  • MANUALLY UPDATE: press menu—-settings (if access control is missing on alphabox dial 2778) or navigate to access control on openbox z5 mini/azplay and aone decoder dial 2778 to have enter access control menu, but navigate to “online” wait for about 15seconds scroll down to softcam, press OK, then navigate to left hand on softcam, press OK, wait for about 5seconds to get “loading” OK, then press exit to the screen and tune to any of the powervu channels and the picture will instantly comes up and showing.

                            enjoying while last………………………..

CONCLUSION: My pleads to our blog reader to send their query to me instead of criticise or alledge me where i post comment to take cautions and i want to make it clear tat it is not mandantory to buy from me rather buy from anybody that will not ignore you when the problem arises don’t buy any product that doesnt have source or lack support center and the BEST, UNDISPUTABLE AND HIGH SENSITIVE POWERVU AUTOROLE DECODER IS FREESAT DECODER for sport 24hd and other pwervu channels are working fine on it you can read more here and here if you have interest to buy any of the decoder you can contact me on email: or whatsapp: +2348036143281 or skype: @ayokunmi8.

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