I can guarantee that because it works in oyo, Ibadan, Ogun, Lagos, Osogbo, Ilorin and also work in the east. South may require 90cm while east requires 1meter.
One thing to scan the channels successfully, it is another thing to have what it takes to decrypt the scanned channels. 99% of these powervu channels are scrambled with powervu keys. You need to search for the keys and enter Keys manually in decoders that supports manual powervu keys like strong 4922, 4950, Q26g & Q28g (software upgrade to support powervu patch and softcam key).
When you actually want an exceptional/ seamless / uninterrupted powervu experience, when it comes to the list of decoders automatically opening powervu channels. You need to buy openbox z5 mini, Alphabox X4, srt Gs6hd, Aone, redtiger 299 decoders and so on.
You must vigorously liaise or consult with your local satellite installer before taking any of such decisions. Yes they will charge you, but it will be moderate compared to when you call them after screwing the whole thing.
That 90cm is smaller than 1 meter dish its like comparing 90cm to 100cm
That a good example of a 90cm dish is the dish dstv multichoice Africa will give to you when you purchase their package


And a 1 meter dish is the type that startimes or consat will give you when you buy their satellite package.
You must be very sure of the effectiveness of yur cband lnb before using it on scalar ring
That only professional installers should handle this.


There are 17 channels in all on mtn worldwide nss 20w / 57e c-band  powervu package. The channels includes; 1. France 24 francais, MSNBC, Fox News channel, CNBC US, Skynews international,  BBC World news, Sky Sports News HQ UK, Sports 24 HD, Prime US, Prime Telly, AFN Prime Atlantic, Afn News, AFN Sports (All these can be tracked and scanned using Satellite position: NSS7 20W, Frequencies 4129 (R) 15405 and 4115 (L) 3680). You can also get the same channels on NSS12 57E C-Band with the following frequency: 4247 (L) 9246

The first advice that i will give any installer is to use a strong mpeg-4(e.g 4669x) or hd decoder(e.g 4922) to track. Preferably, if you have a satellite tracker use it.
Please take note that a Cband LNB is different from a KU lnb. Similarly, A C band satellite is different from ku satellite. For example, 22.0W has both KU and C band, Amos has both ku and C band

>> I will also advice that you make sure the Cband lnb you are to use is a confirmed genuine and effective one. Original lnbs are prerequisites to tracking mtn worldwide on 90cm / 1 meter dish successfully.
>> Cband use R and L for their polarization same way Ku band uses H and V. In other words R = H , While L = V. If you are using a strong decoder to scan, you will only see H or V. Just manually input your frequency and choose H for R or L for V. For example when we were tracking MTN worldwide on strong 4922, we used the followings; 04129 (H) 15406 On position: 22.0W SES 7/C (C here means Cband).
>> For easier tracking, first track our lovely canalplus channels on 22/0W ku using frequency 10986 (v) 30000. Once you get signal for canalsat, which is usually easy, change your lnb to a cband lnb>>insert the following frequency into your decoder>> change the satellite from Nss 7 ku to nss7 c>>Then toggle up a bit until you hit green on 04129 (H) 15406. Once you hit green, tighten everything and wait until the scramble channels start opening(if you use a decoder like openbox z5 mini, Alphabox X4, srt gshd, Aone and gsky v6) or enter your powervu keys in the appropriate menu(if you are using a manual powervu decoder) such as Strong 4922A, 4950H/M, Qsat(Q26g and Q28g) and so on


For further assistance and more enquiries feel free to contact me on via site contact page or via comments or through email [email protected] or WhatsApp:- +2348036143281 or Skype:- @ayokunmi8

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