First and foremost, I need to apologise from you guys from being inactives for the past weeks as I usually give the latest update and it was due to circumstances that warrant my absence, now I’m back with full force to bring you the news on satellites and iptv world yet I’m aware that some may be get awareness from one way or the other yet there are many people who always wait for contribution whenever there’s any innovative improvement in the field of satellite and Iptv world. Lets me start the business of the day.


Generally, I don’t believe that nothing is possible in this world as far as there’s life always hope follow with possibility I could remember while having conversation with some of my colleagues who are also have exprience in the field of satellite and Iks/Sks or dongles then we bring the issues of dongles on dstv channels 80% of us was agreed that the dongles or iks/sks decoder has finally dead which i objected that one day dongle will be ressurect in a dynamic way now the box in now rocking and working fine in almost all the satellite  in european, asian, american and as well as African premium channels are working fine on Tiger T3000, Ghost, and funny box.

The major functions of these three decoders for most especially African countries is that it currently opening dstv Africa otherwise called Multichoice Africa, Tvsa and mytv, and as well as canalsat package on dstv bouquet with 1years Iks/Sks account embedded, and also support powervu autorole to open channel like sony package and Afn cahnnles. Furthermore, it also has 6month Iptv account becaause the decoder is working on two different platforms i.e it serves as satellite and android decoder for iptv functions many people are criticising about these decoder about the price which is very expensive and i would have mention the price public but the situation of local currency is not encourage at all and not fixed to avoid confusion you can contact for the current price, those who buy now will get tiger T3000 and later funny box will be selling later because Tiger T3000 stock limited and new stock is rebrand model of tiger T3000 which Tag funnybox and lastly Ghost box is the copy of tiger T3000/funny box i’m confidently and confirm for you that the decoder will work for a year then later i can’t guaranteed you anymore the earlier you get the better enjoyment please take note.


It is obviuosly that android tv box is the best and reliable of all availaability decoder because it doesn’t require dish and due to my little experiences in this field the chance of getting android tv box get block is 0.5% because all the channels available for watching through internet by streaming and those channels you can’t get even if you 20m dish are available at best quality picture rembember in streaming through internet the higher the quality picture the higher the rate of data comsumption will be also higher similarly if you stream low or medim quality picture then your data consumption will be minimal.

In addition, I’m aware of some of the android users who fail and got frustrated may be all the preinstalled applications has been outdated or poor network or using kodi, kodi is the most deceptive and over rated than its performance because if you read from other website or any other social media you will come to know that kodi is good for watching movies, documentary,cartons and tv show which fails to work anytime there’s live matches after the live matches over and you check kodi again it will be stable and working again with the same network initailly you will think as if there’s poor network , Also if you try 3rd party applications like Modro, Uktv, Livenet tv and others application you will realise that sometime their server is super stable and later get frustrated the reason behind it is that sometimes the server may need to maintain and fix any issue after the problem solved everything will be working fine again and as a matter of facts the owner of the server may feel to shut the server down deliberately without no or genuine reason and the best thing that suit android tv box is iptv account which is very reliable than using kodi and any other 3rd party application even if you have low network you still manage to watch compare to how other get you frustrated.


The most reliable of all time european satellite to watch live football are hotbird on 13e and hispasat on 30w for those who have big dish range from 2.4m dish above almost all the channels on these two bird are great for watching live football matches across the continents and the cccam account for opening all the channels also reliable and stable and as for eutelsat 9A which was the best satellite last year before it was blocked at the end of last year season and migrate the sport channels to another satellite which aren’t favour our african beam and yet there are some channels like m4 sport and sport 1HD showing champions league and FA cup aside AFN sport which is still working using dedicated powervu autorole decoder like Freesat decoder and if you need the accont you can also use any of my contact details to reach me.


Tvsat/ mytv cccam is another iks account for watching premium african channels on Amos @17e or Eutelsat 16A @16e for  both mytv and tvsat africa package such as Ait, slilverbird, channels, mytv Africa, mytv africa yoruba, mytv hausa, animaux, france 0, france 5, fox sport, etc, the previously some account were got block while using it in any french speaking country automatically by the owner of the server but now the new server is available now and it can be use anywhere in the world wihout get any restriction.


Tcam/Q19G decoder has been unstable again after the chineese holiday and since then no improvement at all though the engineer working hard to restore the server soon and only mytv is working fine with amazing stability both tvsat and canalsat packages are currently offline and hopefully in the next couple of days there will be improvement on the server soon and i will implore you guys those who bought thier q19g decoder to keep keep calling or send chat to me because i may be busying before update my webiste regarding Q19g/Tcam.



Some startime channels has been working fine which has the combination of news,sport and entertainment on eutelsat 10A @10e channels include orisun, E star, Awatv, St yoruba, silverbird, Waptv, Channels, Ltv, ST world football, Nigezie etc. the size of the dish to use is 1.8m dish above and you can use this frequency to track 3649 H 20160 to track and then later after you get signal you can blindcsan to get those channels mentioned above.


Like i have said before ealier this post the best medium to watch and enjoy any iptv device is too go for iptv account which is very much reliable, no freezing and no tension and the iptv account are available in forms of codes which is alphanumeric values for android tv box while the other account for stb decoder like 4922A, openbox and so on both has been tested only that of android tv box confirmed working fine and when tested the  same file on android tv box it will be working fine which i force to conclude that dedicated android iptv is simply the best those who have bought their free2c app account from me can testify to it and the latest one which i have tested is QHDTV.


  • Tiger T3000/Ghost/funny box is the latest decoder available to watch dstv,tvsat, mytv and european channels like nova sports which no iks account opening for now with 100% stability.
  • Android tv box with preloaded 3rd party application though no guaranteed for stability which is better than using kodi and valid iptv account is simply the best and to enjoy without freezing and 100% guaranteed.
  • Some startime channels are online on eutelsat 10A @10east.
  • Tcam/Q19G server is currently down on both tvsat and canalsat and hopefuly soon it will be back.
  • European cccam still working fine for those who using big dish and installed hotbird, eutlsat 9A and hispasat.
  • If you are experience poor network you can buy mifi router and take it outside connect your android tv box through hotspot wireless and it will start balzing and you can get the router through me or any computer accessories outlet nearby and if the problem still persists you can change your newtork to another.

For further enquiry and to place order kindly send your request to my email: info@peacesat.com or Whatsapp: +2348036143281 or Skype: @ayokunmi8.



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