About 3days ago we are in the darkness regarding sport 24HD which otherwise known as Skyports or MTN Nationwide has been unceremoniously failed open many calls had been received request the reason behind the showdown and some even just call at the moment of writing this article and others are waiting for this post to come up I have to apologize for late submission because I had tight schedule and a lots of chats messages on my WhatsApp hasn’t yet reply as shown below and here are the following the most common questions asked by the people regarding the reason why sport 24hd not opening:

Question1: What happen to sport 24HD it shows scramble channels??

Answer: Sport 24HD underwent upgrade which eventually caused lost of signal on both East and west and later the signal was fixed and other same day we experienced black screen or scramble channels which forced all the decoder that opening the box unofficially to stopped working and it even work for some minutes while still upgrading before it went off again.

Question2: Why Autorole decoder like freesat decoder and others fail to opening the sport 24HD channels?

Answer: Previously, if you can remember very well the time interval before sport 24HD changed their encryption key keep changing the time interval of the key to automatically change itself for example one old key worked for a month then later it changed to every week and before it went off it is every 10 to 15minutes and the rate at which key is changing now is fast autorole compare to previous key and if notice you own a copy of freesat decoder you will see that sometime the picture want to comes and then later display decrypt and that’s effect of the new upgrade done by the sport 24HD to stop their channels on all official decoder.

What will be our faith now should we fold our arms like this: Anyway immediately the incident happened I personally sent a message to the freesat company through email and other social media that sport 24HD has went off on their decoder and it is quite unfortunately that the reply doesn’t favour because every 25th of January, All the Chinese will start their annual festival holiday till 5th of February no factory will be allow to working so therefore we have to wait till their holiday finish and probably by next or before 10th day of February we will know our faith.

Question3: Do we needs new software or new decoder?

Answer: The moment someone posted this question to me,  I became speechless and later I reply that as far as the channels still remain powervu encryption and you own a copy of freesat decoder I promise you that there will be no need of buying new decoder again and some other decoder too like Alphabox, Gsky and superesat while some decoder won’t be back because if the chipset of the decoder can’t with stand the new software to fix the error then the owner will needs to buy new one for I hope you tiger 299 and gs6hd both decoder can’t no longer to continue to work as a result of stated reason above similarly be expecting the showdown of some decoder and for those who have freesat decoder new software will be out soon by next week.

Question4: What is alternative for watching EPL and UCL as substitution for sport 24HD?

Answer: Many people are considering to install ptv on 38e but if your dish is not up to 3m dish ptv won’t come up and the ptv doesn’t have right to show champion league and international matches and as a matter of fact if cricket and live football matches clash at the sametime don’t be surprise if you see ptv showing live cricket and that’s their prior and the only substitute to watch live football of all competition is android TV box and you can read more my previous post regarding iptv and Android TV box and if you have Etisalat network the cheap Etisalat data now available.


If you are in South-east of Africa like bostwana, Congo Dr, Lesotho ??, Mauritius ??, Mozambique ??, Namibia ??, Seychelles ??, South Africa, Swaziland ??, Tanzania ?? and Zimbabwe ?? and if your country near them but your country isn’t among the list you can receive eutelsat 16A @16e for Canalsat reunion and parabole and Zaptv in Angola ??  cccam account available which opening sport channels like beinsport 1-3HD,Canalsport 1-4HD, SFR sport 1-3HD, Canalsport plus awaiting for you and so on the server is very much stable and it is European based server.


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